Other Celebrations

Life Transition Transition Ceremonies

OtherCelebrationsPagePicThe desire to acknowledge life changes beyond the traditional events surrounding birth, marriage and death has increased in recent years. Perhaps you are experiencing a spiritual awakening that you would like to consecrate or bless.

Your child may be coming of age or may have achieved a special milestone or change of status that you would like to honor in the company of family and friends.

A friend or loved one may be headed into military service or be welcomed home from service with an appropriate salute. Beginning a new job can be a time for a celebration of gratitude and congratulations. Moving into a new home is a time to rejoice and even the end of a relationship is sometimes suited to a celebration that might underline the joy of freedom and forgiveness. You may have a special event other than those listed here that you would like to appropriately commemorate. A perfect ceremony can be crafted for any of these life events and could be the desired step to help you make the transition that is filled with peace, joy and abundant blessings.

Memorial Services And Funerals

A memorial service or funeral can be a wonderful opportunity to extend love and gratitude to the person who has transitioned, as well as to one another. In honoring and celebrating the life of a loved one, we affirm that we are one in Spirit and that the life which is no longer visible is eternal and free. Our true eternal nature is the loving Essence of Source, which lives forever beyond the fear of separation.

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