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I cannot tell you how many people came up to us and asked us if the officiant was a really good friend we’ve been hiding away, because Rev. Kamrin made the ceremony so personal and special. He was always easy to get a hold of and last minute changes were not a problem. We highly recommend him!
Meg and JC Ernst
September 28, 2013
Well, to be honest I was apprehensive at first, hiring a Reverend I had never met or heard of in and in a different state. But I can assure you we were more than pleased. Reverend Carver was easy to talk to from the very beginning. My husband, then fiancée Dave, and I interviewed with Reverend Carver for two hours on the phone. We decided we wanted to make the wedding fun, so the Reverend wanted to know all about us: how we met, who was important in our lives, how we feel in love, all the quirky things that just made us, well us! He used this to write the most amazing ceremony. It was all custom to us! We were in Salt Lake City down from Idaho Falls, so we met with him over lunch, just to get to know him in person. We already knew this was the breath of fresh air we needed for our wedding. My mother left the lunch saying, “How refreshing, I really like him.” Already an accomplishment, knowing my mother!
After a few weeks he emailed us our first draft, we made a couple minor corrections, and we were ready to go! Dave and I laughed so hard reading the draft. We kept it private so it would be a fun surprise for everyone at the ceremony. But we couldn’t wait for people to hear it! As most people know, nothing ever goes as planned at a wedding, but Reverend Carver didn’t skip a beat. We even asked him to stay for the rest of the celebration, since he now felt like a friend, rather than an officiant.

The ceremony was perfect, we laughed, cried, and most of all everyone had so much fun! The phone calls haven’t stopped about how it was one of the best weddings our guests have ever been too! As I found with some vendors they are full of big promises, but they don’t produce results when the time comes… you won’t find that with Reverend Carver.

You get what he tells you, and so much more. What a pleasant relief. Thank you Reverend Carver for making our ceremony full of all the personal touches that make us, Tammy and Dave! And of course the 3 a.m. last minute wardrobe change the day of the wedding.

Tammy and David Blakeman
September 18, 2011
Kamrin was amazing! My husband and I wanted a different kind of wedding ceremony and he was so creative and open to our ideas. I really liked working with him to build a ceremony that was personal and light hearted. I wouldn’t change a thing about our ceremony and it wouldn’t have been the same with out him.
Aubre and Scott
Aubrey And Scott
After searching for quite some time for an officiant that would match our wedding I finally found Rev Kamrin. After talking with him on the phone I could tell he was the guy we were looking for!!! We had a Non-religious service and he had several ideas to make it special. Kamrin put together a service and met his deadlines we had put in place to give us plenty of time to change and personalize our Ceremony. The perfect combination of his expertise mixed with our personal touch made the ceremony special. I would recommend Kamrin to anyone who is looking for an officiant. He took the time to get to know us personally. I feel he had a very good idea of who we were and made the ceremony to fit us perfectly. Several people came up to us afterward and said our ceremony was so beautiful.
Thanks again.
Bryan and Nancy Reede
Rev Kamrin did an amazing job as our officiant. He was very personable and had an ability to keep the ceremony light yet intimate. Very professional, kind and punctual. Both my wife and I feel that no one else would have done such a wonderful job.
Thank you Kamrin!
Tom and Connie
Tom And Connie
Allison And Jason
Having Rev Kamrin marry my husband and I was fantastic. I am not good at coming up with material myself, and he was more than ready and happy to give me ideas. That took a lot a pressure off. Although in the end I wanted something short, sweet, and to the point. He did a fantastic job in involving my audience with humor. I also chose to also involve my kids in the ceremony. He was able to speak to all of their hearts in words they could understand and gave them even more understanding to what a truly beautiful day it was. Thank you Kamrin, my family and I love you.
Allison and Jason
Rev Kamrin was exceptional more than I can put into words. Although he had never met us in person, he couldn’t have personalized our ceremony any better! We were married on 08/30/11 on the Bonneville Salt Flats and it meant a lot that he would give up enough of his personal time to drive that far to join us in marriage!
Rene and Larry
Rene And Larry
Lou And Bonnie
Lou and I met Rev Kamrin through Lou’s sister. He had married Barbara & Greg in May. We were so impressed with his ceremony and his quiet gentle way. We met with him to decide what we wanted to include in our ceremony in July. With the information given to him, he came up with the most beautiful and moving message we had ever heard. After a few changes it was completed. We had so many guests comment on what was said and how the ceremony was presented, it was unreal! Kamrin is a very special spirit whom we dearly love and would recommend him to any of our friends & relatives, which we have done. Their response and those attended were much the same, something out of the ordinary, very special, just for the couple being joined. He does not present a boring ceremony let me tell you. If you want something special, Kamrin is the man!
Lou and Bonnie
Reverend Kamrin is phenomenal! The wedding ceremony he prepared for us truly encompassed the people we are and the feelings we felt on our wedding day. The entwining of our cherished memories and the mention of the people so important to our lives throughout the ceremony made the experience so very touching for our family. We could not have asked for a better experience for our wedding day and would recommend Reverend Kamrin to anyone who wants their wedding to be special.
Ken and Andrea Sirmans
Ken And Andrea
James And Stephanie
On December 4th 2005, we had the great pleasure of having Kamrin perform our wedding ceremony, it turned out perfect. Exactly the way we wanted it. Kamrin was very professional. He spent lots of time with us, making sure the ceremony was written to fill our specific needs. Although we had many people of different faiths, Kamrin was able to connect with everyone. We highly recommend Kamrin performing your ceremony as well.
James and Stephanie Purpura
Rev Kamrin helped to make our wedding ceremony a wonderful experience. He met with us in our home prior to our ceremony to get to know us personally and give us guidance and options for our ceremony. He was very easy to work with and open to our wishes and desires. Not only is he a spiritual adviser, but someone we call “our friend”. We would highly recommend him to anyone and actually have recommended him to our brother, who is getting married 2 months after us.
Greg and Barb Chase
Greg And Barb
Kate And Brandon
Rev Kamrin was professional, responsive, attentive, and truly invested in ensuring our wedding ceremony was deeply personal, humorous, and flawlessly executed. He was very flexible in meeting with us and spent the time writing copious notes about ourselves and our love story, yet it all felt like having a conversation with an old friend. He gave us an exact date when he would have the ceremony to us, and even got it to us early. All the while, he was very responsive and available to answer any questions we had. The ceremony was perhaps best described by the many guests who later inquired if Rev Carver was a personal friend of ours-a true testament to his caring and talent. The beautifully written ceremony and perfectly choreographed officiating that artfully used humor to punctuate the serious moments made the wedding tender, moving, and more wonderful than we could have hoped for. He is a kind, articulate, funny, warm person who is deeply committed to making each event tailored to the bride and groom, and a profoundly moving experience.
Kate and Brandon
My husband and I were searching for someone special to officiate our wedding who could capture our unique relationship and personalities. Rev. Carver was available for the date that we had chosen so we set up an appointment to meet and discuss our ceremony. From the first time we talked on the phone to the end of our wedding, Rev. Carver was attentive to our needs and requests. No detail of our relationship was ignored as Rev. Carver created our ceremony. He was able to make our ceremony personal and the most memorable part of our entire day! So many of our guests wanted to know if he was an old friend. If you are looking for a unique and beautiful ceremony full of meaning and personal touches, Rev. Carver has the eye for detail and will deliver all this and more.
Wade and Julz
Everyone LOVED Reverend Carver’s service. I can’t count the number of my guests that gave me praise for our choice! Reverend Carver is a warm, genuine and (at the appropriate times…lol) funny, personable gentleman. What an honor it was to have him marry us. It will never be forgotten.
Devan and Rodrigo
Kamrin was amazing! He made the ceremony feel incredibly special and uniquely our own. Many of our guests commented afterwards how great he was and how he really made our wedding an event to remember. I would definitely recommend Kamrin.
Meghan and Fred Mossler
December 22, 2012