Wedding Price Guide

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It’s difficult to quote a price for your wedding or commitment ceremony without knowing the full scope of your circumstances, including the amount of customizing you want for the ceremony, the simplicity or complexity of your plans, whether you want to have a rehearsal, the location of the event, etc.

I’ve found the best way to give couples an accurate and firm quote is to meet briefly to discuss these variables and see if there is a good match between us. If your wishes fall somewhere in between the packages indicated below, I will quote you a price that more accurately reflects your needs and desires. My goal is to give you everything you want without having you pay for things you don’t need!

If you’d like, call me at (801) 710-0780, or Contact me. In just a few minutes, I can ask the right questions and provide you with the best price for what you want.

Elopement Ceremony

The Elopement Ceremony includes:


Standard Ceremony

The Standard Ceremony Includes:


Classic Custom Ceremony

A customized ceremony that allows you to personalize many aspects of the ceremony – for the couple seeking a unique ceremony of their own creation.

The Classic Custom Ceremony includes:


Premium Custom Ceremony

A fully customized ceremony that comes with an in-depth interview which allows you and I to personalize all aspects of the ceremony — for the couple desiring a wedding that speaks to the very essence of their personal story.

The Premium Custom Ceremony includes:


For more information on investment and package options contact me, Rev. Kamrin Carver, today. You can reach me at (801) 710-0780 or Contact me and request more information, request an appointment, or get more information about pricing for your occasion.